Early spring warm Yang, from the front sent back hongkun war "epidemic" character

During the period of epidemic prevention

Everyone is fighting for the same goal

The first line of treatment is in the hospital, the first line of protection is in the community

Thousands of property owners are on the front lines of the community

Shoulder up, is the pressure, is the responsibility, is more responsibility

They're security guards. They're cleaning

A maintenance engineer, a housekeeper...

They are ordinary people in every community service position

Is also the "most beautiful contrarian" who sticks to his post.


There are no heroes that fall from the sky

Only ordinary people who stick to their guns

The epidemic cut off the nature of the warm spring breeze, flowers

But let us feel more pure, warm heart

Fight the front line, give up small family for everybody's property management person

May be a warmer force than spring

Outbreak raids, all hands on deck.Li Chun voluntarily gave up the plan of going home during the Spring Festival. During the epidemic, he walked more than 15,000 steps every day to inspect the park, so as to maintain the normal operation of the equipment in the park to ensure the peace of mind of the owners. He also took the initiative to take and deliver express for the owners.

Only in its hardships can courage and fortitude be revealed

Only when it is practiced truly is it valuable

In the Hongkun community

Ordinary but intimate stories often happen

It seems like extra effort

Also always be noticed by hongkun family people

Including the ones that walk silently

As the person in charge of the property in the park, Guan Jingyi has been waiting for 20 consecutive days in the park. The front-line staff of the project is insufficient. She takes the initiative to work in the park, and takes on multiple roles of housekeeper, order and environmental worker -- disinfection in the park, temperature measurement for the owners, solving the living difficulties of the elderly owners, and coordinating with government departments...A person cent ACTS the role of much horn, illuminate the heart of owner with a suit of dim light.

Responsibility and courage

The kernel of goodness and love

Let love extend

Illuminating the night with a gleam

For the family in the community

Across the strange, across the distance

Become lingering warm power in the heart of the owner

In the worst-hit areas, none of the property management staff of Hubei Hongkun no. 1 State Guest offered to go home and take a rest day and night. They worked around the clock for 27 days, disinfecting the whole park, conducting door-to-door epidemic detection, collecting and delivering express, purchasing materials and handing over gas...

In order to ensure that more than 1,000 owners have three meals a day and a healthy diet, they have obtained 10,000 jin of love vegetables donated by The Ecological Agriculture Cooperative of Shibanhe, Yiling District, Yichang through various efforts.

In order to ensure that the vegetables were delivered well and quickly, they sorted and packed 10,000 jin of vegetables with frozen hands in the cold wind and distributed them to the owners door to door.

Under responsibility is the superposition of preciseness and efficiency.

Where the epidemic is most difficult

Take care of your heart to heart

Hand in hand

A spark of hope

Hongkun property people stick to

Build the first protective wall for the epidemic area

The confidence and strength to go through difficult times with your family

To be the strongest shield against the epidemic in the community


No man is an island

The community of Shared future lets us keep together across the city

Helping each other in times of difficulty,

When we trust each other and fight the epidemic side by side

We are sure to win the battle against the epidemic.

At home, they are probably the mother and daughter, husband or wife, put forward the reasonable requirements of vacation shall not go out, in the face of family service center of tianjin county hongkun, completed property, people still full at board through a home a home visit, with only one day, the campus information repeated examination, 2043, 3171 residents to owner sent to masks and other protective supplies at the same time, the first time to provide accurate information to the neighborhood committees, in order to offer accurate and efficient protection zone prevention and control work.Their selflessness and efficiency were deeply recognized by the neighborhood, the owners also moved.

No winter is insurmountable

There is no spring that will not come

The little things that warm your heart

A lovely, respectable devotee

Sow the seeds of love in the tough and warm land

Even against the wind, but also to protect our common home

For a high degree of vigilance and sense of responsibility, during the Spring Festival, as order captain Feng Jinlong rushed at a line all the time, lead the staff to fully clean up the snow park, epidemic prevention disinfection, strictly control the external personnel, take the initiative to help owner bought articles for daily use, in the face of high load of work, he to the quality requirements more stringent, this particular season, are not allowed to park any control lapses.

The so-called angel

Nothing is more than some ordinary people with angelic warmth

The first rays of sunlight are often not from outside the window

But from someone who is full of warmth

Tapping at our hearts

In order to protect the owners from the impact of the epidemic, Bo Jiancheng, an orderly of Hongkun Ideal Jiye, Pang Wenwen, an environmental supervisor, and Qiu Jie, a customer service manager, always stick to the front line -- they carry out thorough epidemic prevention and disinfection in the park. They take temperature guns and deliver food to nearly 100 owners every day for five or six hours at a stop.

No one really showed any fear in the face of the epidemic

The mission and responsibility is the courage of the retrograde

Hongkun property management personnel

No one flinched, no one complained

Stick to the mission in your heart

Tianjin hongkun ideal sunshine owner Li Xiansheng leg inconvenience, under the epidemic, property people feng Da insisted on daily fresh vegetables and other materials to Li Li home, when the garbage will be taken away for treatment.He knew that at this moment, there are some owners need more special care.

A little heart-warming gesture

Enough to dispel the darkness for people

Under the outbreak

The guardian of the custodian is born in love, born in the heart

Be empathetic and empathic

Complete the delivery of love

At the beginning of February, Wuxi Hongkun Ideal Bay order officer Liu Pengfei had returned to his hometown to spend the Spring Festival with his family. When the epidemic hit, he took the initiative to return to work at the first time despite his family's opposition.The project has just been delivered, he is worried that the owners who have just moved in, to protect the community and the owners, must do it themselves.

The virus is relentless,

It brings fear, but not faith

Urban "segregation"

From viruses, but not from love

In the face of the epidemic, property management people did not hesitate

Act fast and let love and hope win over the virus

In the days of the epidemic,

Hongkun property personnel always busy in the first line of epidemic prevention

Meticulous prevention and control, intimate services like family love

That's what their season is all about

This group of ordinary people pay the most simple

It produces many warm and moving plots

These beautiful forces make us more confident

Love can warm winter, faith can wake up spring

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