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Win-win cooperation

With the help of the capital platform and through the three paths of "all-commission & Acquisition, consulting service and equity cooperation", we will base ourselves on Beijing and Tianjin wings, lay out the whole country, and realize the scale development with quality.

Further improve the soft power construction of the enterprise, optimize the business philosophy, business model and profit model of the enterprise, constantly standardize the management of the company, and truly realize the leap from doing the industry to improving the profit to the capital market to improve the value.

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Channel 1: Ms. Cao 13911077821 (Beijing, Northwest and Southwest Regions)
Channel 2: Mr. Wang 13911585551 (Tianjin, Shanxi and Henan regions)
Channel 3: Mr. Yang 15910801016 (Hebei Region)
Channel 4: Mr Kong 13911354087 (East, Central and South China)
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