Realty service

Owner's life is full service

Hongkun property management has already formed the beijing-tianjin-hebei, Yangtze river delta, a large bay area of guangdong and hainan vigorous situation of the all-round development of free trade zone, as of June 30, 2020 management service type coverage mainstream homes, high-end villas, commercial, office buildings and industrial park and so on a variety of forms, management area of more than 10 million square meters, direct service owner more than 100000 people.
Hongkun property management started the buoy project, which took the customer community activity line as the clue, cut into the three dimensions of scene, event and housekeeper to simulate every possible contact point with the owner, extracted 27 service contact points, and quantified the key service standard and regular service standard for each contact point.
And through the fine property management to ensure that the owners just right details, starting from the customer life cycle, the service to 16 categories of 115 details to cover every bit of life, has always been a cumulative, unremitting attitude and caring to take care of every member of the family.

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