Developer services

Full chain service

After the delivery of the project operation and community services, only the most basic property services.

Now, really good property services, has penetrated into the front planning and design, construction, marketing planning, household acceptance, completion acceptance and other links.

Hongkun property management refers to the successful experience and typical cases of benchmarking brand enterprises at home and abroad, combines the experience learned in the process of project management, and forms systematic solutions and measures from the perspective and method of refined management with unique vision and thinking.

Before referral service
A bridge between real estate and property

In the new project planning, design, construction and acceptance, delivery, such as phase, intermediate engineers from clients, developers and property before the point of view of output professional opinion, reduce product delivery defects and quality problem, to reduce the rework cost and late owner matter quantity, is the product to the greatest extent to meet the demand of the owner, use convenient late owner.

Service Display
The field service
To the customer \"satisfaction + surprise + moved\" service experience

Hongkun property management based on real estate marketing demand and set up specifically for selling the whole scene of service system, from the sale of preparation, sale field open to close, we in each period through the entrance, parking lot, outdoor landscape, and the sales hall between example of different scenarios, such as to provide the security guards, service, cleaning and greening services are in the process of brief contact with the customer, enhances the prospective owner perception and recognition, for future residential property services for customers to purchase real confidence, become a ring, is very important to impress clients with real estate sales has played a strong support.

Service Display

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