The career development

Talent concept
“Put people first and let people do their best”

Hongkun property managementin hongkun real estate group "good value, good to see the future" under the guidance of brand, in line with the "people-oriented, innovation, service, and upgrade" hold world with virtue of the quality management policy, adherence to the "customer first, integrity management, unity, up will be from the" core values, adhere to the "people-oriented, people" concept of choose and employ persons.

We are a young, energetic, passionate, create value team;

We have ideals, to pursue, to adapt to a changing society;

We have the courage to challenge, break through ourselves, and keep innovating;

We cherish every employee, willing to provide them with fertile soil for growth;

We attach importance to each partner and hope to promote social development on the basis of win-win cooperation.

A professional channel

Hongkun property institute follows the strategic development of the company, rooted in the company to improve the human resources system, quickly respond to the business needs of the company, establish a team of cadres who are good at project management, professionalism, advanced thinking and excellent conduc Through the Hongkun property Institute brand building, continue to enhance the company's brand influence, industry reputation, and strive to attract talent, train talent,export talent pattem.

Hong Yan Sheng Training Program

Hongyansheng · Training Plan is a special training plan for fresh graduates of Hongkun Property Management College, Hongkun Property Management Group, so that they can be trained into the backbone of future management. The method of "theoretical off-post learning + directional training" is adopted.

According to different training goal, the enterprise internal hierarchical level of training personnel, and the design of action learning, learning, online learning, and other rich study way, passive pressure to break the training pattern, by triggering and guide the way to stimulate trainees learning desire, in order to achieve high efficiency, high quality talent output target.

The path and system of talent training
The School of Property management is a free and open property management with personnel training as the center and employees as the center, which forms an online and offline complementary learning closed-loop, simple but not simple management function.


Perfect salary and welfare

Annual income = monthly fixed salary + performance bonus + subsidy + welfare + year-end bonus + sales incentive

Five social insurance and one housing fund:

Endowment insurance, medical insurance, maternity insurance, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, housing accumulation fund

Paid leave:

Annual leave, maternity leave (paternity leave), funeral leave, wedding leave

Annual free medical examination, statutory holiday care gifts

Abundant staff activities/care

Sports, birthdays, team building activities, outreach activities

Preferential housing benefits

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