Value-added services

"Hong Life" service
Scene of community life, customer value mining, resource integration

"Hong Life" is a new community value-added service model advocated by Hongkun property management Management Co., LTD. Through the precise segmentation of the community, the owner service platform is built to build a new form of community value-added service centered on family consumption.

Hongkun property management has always been centered on customer experience, innovation-driven and cross-boundary joint win. With the idea of "service + scenization + platform + ecosystem", Hongkun property management has built a 1+N scenization community ecosystem in an all-round way, providing one-stop service solutions that truly meet the living needs of owners in the community.

By broadening the boundary of community services and products, the ecological closed-loop from service mode to scene mode and then to life mode is realized through continuous exploration in the fields of friendly supporting facilities for children in the community, community medical care combination center and community scenario-oriented financial products.

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