Characteristic service

Diversified business

Hongkun property management to do a good job in the traditional property services at the same time, expand diversified business.

At present, Hongkun property management has become a comprehensive professional property service enterprise. In addition to residential property in community, Hongkun property management also actively expands various types of business, including commercial property, office property, school property, industrial park property, etc.

The business scope covers the area's preliminary planning, order maintenance, horticulture and afforestation, real estate brokerage, community resource management and many other fields.

After years of development, Hongkun property management has accumulated rich professional experience in the property management of the whole format, and formed the real strength of the property management of the whole format.

Intelligence service
The public service
administrative backstopping

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Conference support services

Administrative level security support services

Greening rent pendulum

Window unit boot and other AD hoc support

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