“Epidemic” line at the forefront of hongkun property people fighting in Hubei!

The outbreak occurred during the Spring Festival

People fight coVID-19

Hongkun property people fighting in the front line of the epidemic in Yichang, Hubei

Day and night, with action to build a line of security

To defend the homes of more than 1,000 owners

Let owners at ease, rest assured, warm heart

The order personnel are fully armed, guarding against the epidemic, with double posts, registering and measuring the temperature of the owners and vehicles entering and leaving the park, and taking all kinds of emergency measures in time to prevent and control the epidemic at the entry checkpoint and keep the epidemic out of the park.

The cleaning personnel carry 40 jin of medicine bucket on their backs every day, and carry out disinfection throughout the whole area. They also carry out comprehensive disinfection on the contact positions such as stairway, basement, elevator room and door handle, so that there is no place for danger to hide.

The customer service staff, acting as the epidemic information announcers, "bombed and bombed" in the circle of friends and the proprietors 24 hours a day, and broadcasted the epidemic situation and the anti-epidemic bulletin of the park;

I worked in supermarkets and communities as a daigoujie, a deliveryman, a gas dayner, a picker...

To ensure the normal life of owners.

Engineers walk more than 15,000 steps every day to increase the frequency of inspection, disinfect equipment and facilities, and maintain the normal operation of equipment in the park.

1. Peace of mind - "four guarantees" together, strictly guard against death





2. Rest assured - distribute loving vegetables to ensure the normal life of the owners

During the epidemic, the owners were not allowed to go out of their homes, and the surrounding restaurants were suspended, and take-out food could not be delivered to their homes, in order to ensure that the owners had three meals a day and had a healthy diet.

The staff of Hongkun · Guobin No. 1 project took the initiative to contact the local government and community, and received 10,000 jin of vegetables donated by Shibanhe Ecological Agriculture Cooperative, Yiling District, Yichang. In order to ensure the safety and quality of vegetables, in the cold wind, the staff of Hongkun Property sorted and packed 10,000 jin of vegetables and distributed fresh vegetables to the owners.

During the special period, hongkun property management personnel, together with the park staff, spontaneously formed a volunteer team.Pick, transport and deliver strawberries at the strawberry base to achieve "zero contact" and deliver 200 baskets of fresh strawberries to the owners.

3. Heart-warming - Actively provide medical resources to ensure the safety of owners

In the case of shortage of medical supplies, in order to ensure the safety and health of every family member, Hongkun property people actively contact medical resources.Cooperate with Community Yirun Medical, provide medical guidance to the owners during the epidemic, and help the owners to purchase medicines on behalf of the owners, which will be delivered to their homes by the property owners;"One-stop" medical service is realized.

Thanks to their hard work, there is not a confirmed case or a suspected case in the park.They created a touched the owner of the service miracle, won the owner, the recognition of the owners, received from the owners of friends circle, the owner group of praise, received the owner donated 500 masks and consolation, received the developer donated 20,000 yuan, received the industry committee donated comfort......

Viruses don't separate love

If there is a need, give it up

We have been working to combat the epidemic

Strict defense and strict governance. We are guarding it with all our heart

Spring flowers bloom, we hold hands together warm

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