Tribute property hero! Hongkun property Hu Guang: "six to ten" the convenience of service captain

The beginning of the year of Gengzi, a fight against the epidemic began, affecting the hearts of the people throughout the country.

Go where there is epidemic, fight it till it perishes.

Facing the current of the epidemic, we resolutely built up the frontline property fighters in the community. They always stick to their posts, always ready, and build a solid defense line with their flesh and blood to protect the safety of thousands of people.


45 hours driving back to work


The situation of the epidemic is not optimistic, and the whole country has entered the state of first-level response to public health incidents.

For a high degree of vigilance and sense of responsibility, hongkun, jia, head property industry ideal Hu Guang after seeing this message, the heart park owners on duty and the safety of his brothers and sisters, despite family opposition, resolutely gave up the day of the lunar New Year reunion with his family, on January 26, self-drive from their hometown in anhui to xianghe ideal jia industry park, on the way to experience three QuanFan, 45 hours finally arrived in his familiar work.

Without any recuperation, he immediately plunged into the battle.

"The epidemic is coming, we need to rush ahead and guard this door!"

This is the slogan that Hu Often trains his employees.

He conducted epidemic prevention training for the four lines of customer service, engineering, order and environment, and properly arranged staff to be immediately involved in the anti-epidemic action.

The park shall be comprehensively sterilized, and key points shall be disinfected at regular intervals to keep the park clean. Double posts shall be set up at the main entrances and exits of the park to keep the epidemic situation out of the park.


"Six to ten" convenience service team


During the epidemic prevention and control period, owners are not allowed to go out of their homes, restaurants in surrounding areas are suspended, and take-out food is not allowed to be delivered to their homes. In order to ensure that owners have three meals a day and eat healthily.

Hu Guang organized property personnel to set up the "Hongkun convenience service team".

When the project staff is insufficient, as the team leader, he "works from six to ten every day" and becomes a "buyer". He carries out hongkun love distribution, counts the needs of the owners, goes to the supermarket to buy, and then goes door-to-door to deliver goods.

Incarnated as "delivery man", providing door-to-door service after disinfection of express delivery...

It is precisely because of the persistence of their team that Hongkun Ideal Jiayi has been keeping "zero" confirmed and "zero" suspected cases. They have created a service miracle that touched the owners one by one and won the recognition of the owners and local leaders.


Practice summary of guidelines against coVID-19

When the epidemic hit, no property companies have been adequately prepared, many property people have not rested, always struggling in the epidemic front.

YunDa express logistics park project is hongkun property of the partners, in order to guard partners, as well as self protection work with the staff, Hu Guang assume the first head of the project past control point, here every day in and out of the hundreds of vehicles, personnel in and out of the daily average of more than 300, if a person cases, will bring difficult to estimate the loss of partners.

For the above reasons, Hu Guang, in accordance with the deployment of Hongkun Property Headquarters, summarized a set of guidelines for fighting against coVID-19 by gathering the experience of fighting covid-19 for many days. At the same time, in accordance with the system requirements of the relevant government departments, he started from the basic necessities of people, regularly checked and registered all vehicles and personnel, eliminated them, checked and registered them, and took their body temperature...

Up to now, the prevention and control work of Yunda Express Logistics Park project is still in progress, and Hu Guang and his team have also been recognized and encouraged by the partners.


I don't want to be a hero


In order to broaden the family service of Hongkun Property and fulfill the corporate mission of "making people live happy", Hu Guang stuck to his job for more than 20 days during the anti-epidemic period, often satiating his hunger with instant noodles in the cold wind and still running around the park at night.

In response to the call of Xinhua Street Office of Xianhe County, Hu Guang signed up as a community volunteer from February 4 to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work under the old jurisdiction of Xinhua Street Office of Xianhe County and to coordinate various affairs.

He has not had a video chat with his family for a long time because he has been away for a long time. Every time he mentions them, he always says with a smile: "I have a lot of my family here, and I need to protect them."

"I don't want to be a hero. My career and my position give me the responsibility to do what needs to be done."

This is the motto that Hu Guang often reminds himself of: do one line, love one line, be dedicated to one line, keep your feet on the ground, do not focus on idle thoughts, do not concentrate on empty voices, but strive for real attitude and work seriously.

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