Hongkun Real Estate Revitalized with Sincerity "Metamorphosis" in Splendid Star City

JinxiuXingcheng Community is located in Yiling District, Yichang City, Hubei Province, surrounded by the Huangbai River in the north and the River in the west. The air is pure and fresh, and the climate is pleasant all year round. The project covers a total area of 240,000 square meters, equivalent to 34 international standard football fields. The project has a total of 1,700 households, with an occupancy rate of 95% and a permanent population of more than 6,000.

Since January 14, 2022, Hongkun Property Management has successfully signed the property service contract with Jinxiu Star City Community Property Management Committee for more than one year. With the help of leaders at all levels and the strong support of the industry committee, Hongkun Property Management "sincerely revitalises", starting from the things around the owners, starting from the owners' concerns, and thinking of the owners' needs, and constantly optimizing the owners' living experience. Adhering to the enterprise mission of "let people live happy", we will live up to the trust and expectations of the owners.

At the beginning of the takeover, there were deficiencies in environmental governance, equipment management and site basic quality of Jinxiu Star City community. After settling in, Hongkun Property immediately organized a special meeting and dispatched experienced project managers, customer service stewards, greening, environment and engineering maintenance and other backbone members to set up a special working group. Ensure that the takeover plan and implementation details can be efficiently and accurately implemented, give full play to their overall resource advantages, and do the work in detail.

Dirty ground, messy vegetation, piles of construction waste, blocked drains and inadequate classification of household waste have always been the chronic problems of Splendid Star City. The project leader led the on-site team to carry out comprehensive rectification and fine maintenance of the community quickly, and reshape the environment of the park, not letting go of any dead sanitary corners, so that the park took on a new look in a short time and gave the owners a completely different feeling.

After careful inspection of facilities and equipment, it is found that a large number of public facilities and facilities in the community are not maintained in place, resulting in reduced service life of equipment and facilities and unable to operate normally. In order to ensure the normal operation of facilities and equipment, in this more than a year, where there is a need where they will appear, "Master Hong" with action silently guarding the normal operation of the park.

Since the spring of 2022, Hongkun Property has been guided by "beauty Rise". Organize afforestation personnel from the lawn to the water system, find dead corners, pick up garbage, and then from turning the soil, weeding, eliminating and replanting, replanting all kinds of shrubs, flowers and lawns on each piece of "yellow land". Hongkun property all staff linkage, jointly carry out the full staff to do green. Use action to improve the owner's happiness.

Safety management is the basic management of property, especially in the community with large population density, safety is the core of our work. Hongkun Property through years of safety management, continuous summary and exploration, the formation of a set of "Hong guard" safety management system, for the area under the jurisdiction of security and fire protection to do both hands to grasp, both hands to hard high standards. Carry out safety inspection for each equipment and facility in the park, proofread in "physical examination style", and timely repair and replace any problems found to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and facilities. Through strict community safety management output, to ensure the safety of the park can be guaranteed.

Beautiful environment, everyone yearns for, happy life, everyone pursues. With the arrival of Hongkun Property, the rich cultural activities are the icing on the cake, making the owners happy. The Lantern Festival "God of wealth" send Fu send red envelopes, goddess festival flowers blossom, Mother's day warm and warm, Double Ninth Festival for the elderly free hair, and daily cleaning mat for the owners of all kinds of convenient services, this pile, one by one series of the neighborhood, also deepened the owners of Hong Kun property trust, more quiet for a long time to restore the vitality of the community.

There is no small thing in property service, see the truth in the details, the service side shows its true colors. "Treat each other honestly, refresh with heart" can really move the owner. Just like every staff of Hongkun Property, we use our actions to create a safe, comfortable, civilized and harmonious living environment for the owners and improve their satisfaction.

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