The Selection activity of "Happy Rabbit and Happy Spring" Lanterns by Hongkun Property is coming!

Spring to warm, festival to 10000 circle. In order to celebrate the Lantern Festival and create a festive and peaceful atmosphere, the property service centers of various projects of Hongkun Property Management organized a variety of community cultural activities called "Sweet Yuanxiao · Warm Spring Friendly Neighborhood", which not only served soft and sweet dumplings to the owners, Also prepared for the children DIY "rabbit happy spring" lantern selection activity. We eat dumplings together, do lanterns, guess lantern riddles, throwing pot, ring...... Celebrate the Lantern Festival with the owners.

Lantern Festival has its roots in the ancient custom of turning on lanterns to pray for good luck. In order to let children feel the charm of traditional culture, inherit Chinese civilization. The property service activity center of each project has carefully prepared the teaching and entertainment links suitable for children, such as guessing lantern riddles and making lanterns. Riddles enlighten wisdom, lantern production exercise ability.

DIY "Happy rabbit and Happy Spring" lantern production site, parents explain the specific production method to their children. The children couldn't wait to open the package of materials and carefully completed the steps of making lanterns in order. Big friends, children, we use all kinds of tools, methodically fold the shape, tie the lamp spike, sticky paper, flashing lights, in a short time, Yizhanjia rabbit lanterns beautiful. The activity site from time to time came waves of laughter, children holding hand-made lanterns, big friends enjoying the happy time to accompany children's growth, happy and peaceful atmosphere infected everyone present.

How can we not eat Tangyuan on Lantern Festival? White fat dumplings symbolize the reunion, harmony and beauty. Early in the morning, the project property service center of the little brother, girls and sisters will be busy, set the table, set the pot and bowl, boiled dumplings, round white fat dumplings rolling in the pot, waves of aroma attracted the past owners. Holding bowls of steaming, delicious and sweet glutinous dumplings, the festive atmosphere in the park was immediately filled with a happy, festive scene. We sit together to chat, eat dumplings, a smiling face, a strong feeling, feel the thick festive atmosphere.

In order to let the owners feel the festive atmosphere, besides making lanterns and eating tangyuan. The property service center of each project tried its best to guess lantern riddles, ring, throwing pot, the God of wealth and other activities, but also set up a "sweet delivery point" at the activity site, for the owners and children to send hand-made rock sugar gourd and popcorn.

Ring, throwing pot, small games, great joy. The children are eager to try, the young people are rubbing their hands, the old people are taking part in the target, and the participants are happily getting the prize, which makes the participants feel like they are back to their childhood, carefree and happy in the moment.
We also sent the owners of the staff hand-made rock sugar gourd, the scene one by one rock sugar gourd just produced, the children would scramble to "grab" up. Can't wait to bite down, sweet and sour taste from the tip of the tongue to the heart. Sour and sweet rock sugar gourd like Tangyuan is a symbol of reunion, sweet.
In Yichang State Guest No. 1, Splendid Star City, Hongkun Property service Center staff carefully dressed up, a charming "God of wealth" appeared. With the arrival of auspicious times, our property "God of wealth" began the work of the holiday day. Send blessings, send red envelopes, gift ingot, bless our owners in the New Year show "rabbit", money widely into. "God of wealth" everywhere, by the owners of the warm welcome, everyone competing with the "God of wealth" photo, happy to accept the "God of wealth" red envelope and blessing, stick a wealth, "rabbit" a lucky.
With the sunset, the lanterns were on, and the community cultural activities of "Sweet Yuanxiao · Warm Spring Friendly Neighbors" came to a successful end. This Lantern Festival activity not only inherits the traditional festival customs of the Chinese nation, but also makes the owners feel the colorful traditional culture. At the same time, it fulfills the corporate mission of Hongkun Property to "make people happy", improves the owners' happiness index, and narifies the distance between the property owners and the owners.

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