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In the campus of Hongkun Wine Town in Zhangjiakou, it is easy to hear "Mimi, Mimi... .." Called softly, there are more than a dozen cute kittens appeared, and around her. See aunt Zhu's arrival, the little cats are particularly excited, a sound "meow, meow......" As if in response to Aunt Zhu's call, they kept rubbing their tails and bodies against Aunt Zhu's hands. These are the stray cats that Aunt Zhu has helped for two years, and they get along with each other every day. The campus of Hongkun Wine Town is not only a good place for the owners to walk, but also a home for these cats.

Auntie Zhu, 60, adopted a stray cat by chance in 2020. Since then, dozens of stray cats in the park have become her "family". In addition to rescuing stray cats, Aunt Zhu is also a volunteer at Hongkun Wine Town Rescue Station. In order to make these stray cats live a better life, Aunt Zhu is also making efforts to organize adoption activities, publicize the concept of rescuing stray animals to the outside world, and recruit more like-minded partners to join the rescue action. Zhu hopes that in the future, more and more people will adopt cats instead of buying them, and the rescued cats will have a good home. "The best scenario is that every stray cat and dog has good owners and no abandonment or abuse." Aunt Zhu said.

Aunt | z group photo with the cat

 Aunt Zhu also made many like-minded friends in this process. According to Aunt Zhu, an incident happened at the beginning of this year that moved her very much. The cause of the matter is that there is a lovely little cat (little flower) in the park, gentle and very close to people, every day on time to aunt Zhu's home to eat and drink, suddenly floret for several days did not appear, Aunt Zhu was very worried at first, anxiously waiting for two or three days, floret reappeared in front of aunt Zhu, but Aunt Zhu found that one foot floret was hurt by a hunting device, And the injuries were very serious. Careful feeding has been unable to make floret better, aunt Zhu took floret to the pet hospital treatment, although out of life danger, but lost a leg. For this reason, Aunt Zhu was very sorry. This story soon spread among the owners of Hongkun Wine Town, and everyone donated money and goods for Xiao Hua. Love has no boundaries, kindness is connected, it is because of everyone's love, let these stray cats have a warm home.

Aunt | zhu rescue of stray cats


 The night temperature in Zhangjiakou is minus 24 degrees Celsius. In order to keep the "fur children" warm during the winter, Aunt Zhu and her friends took out their bedding, old clothes and other supplies to build a caring house for the cats.

| volunteers set up loving hut

Later, Aunt Zhu and her friends also decided to set up a caring cat house provident fund, which was dedicated to build a warm home for the "hairy children" in the park. The kitten house not only has cotton pads, but also has a thermal layer, so that the winter is no longer cold. Although the facilities are simple, the stray cats finally have a home of their own. All these depend on the persistence and efforts of Aunt Zhu and her friends. They make up for the scars of the stray animals with love, and build an exclusive "haven" for the homeless cats.
In addition, Aunt Zhu is also a generous donor to the people and rescue stations in need of help all over the country. At least a few hundred yuan a month, as many as a thousand yuan. Aunt Zhu just plain said: "I this heart is too soft, can not see these small animals so miserable. From being unfamiliar to being familiar with these kittens, each of the furry children here has its own story of abandonment, injury and being extremely sensitive when rescued. But after a period of time together, the bright eyes of these animals are full of attachment and affection, and they play like children."
The picture

| volunteers to build love house

 There is compassion in the heart, let this practice, become warm.
Aunt Zhu says she is very satisfied with her life now. Everyday life in addition to taking care of the "children", or with friends outing, immersed in the gifts of nature; Or with friends to play a full game of ball skills. "The property service center of Hongkun Wine Town has done a good job of logistics support for us, provided us with a special sports place, all kinds of supporting facilities are quite complete, we had a good time, stay happy, everyone is very grateful to them." Aunt Zhu said.
During the two years they lived in the wine town, Zhu and his wife said the beautiful environment and fresh air made it a good place to live and retire. Also made a lot of like-minded new and old friends, although we come from all over the country, but in life, the establishment of deep feelings.

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Life can be very simple, very tender, very beautiful, because we sow the seeds of love in the heart early. The love of Aunt Zhu and her friends, like the warm sun in spring, warms a casual corner of the world and illuminates the stray cat's way home. Their steps of rescue also make the love continue. Not far from the city, hidden in the mountains and rivers of home. Without the noise and disturbance of the city, only the warm company of family members and small animals, such a rare peace and peace is the life Aunt Zhu is longing for.


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