Beijing Hongkun Xiwangshan Property Service Center won the title of the 2022 Daxing District Property Service Enterprise Red List

Good news, Hong Kun property spectrum new chapter! After Xianghe Hongkun · Ideal Jiaye Property Service Center won the certificate of honor issued by the Office of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group of Xianghe Jingkai Xinxing Industrial Park, [Beijing Hongkun Ruibang Property Management Co., LTD. -- Xiwangshan Property Service Center] won the title of the 2022 Red List of property service enterprises in Daxing District, Beijing.
This evaluation was based on the requirements of the Notice on the Implementation and Evaluation of the Property Service Project of Residential Communities in Daxing District, Beijing. Based on the response of 12345 hotline and complaints about property management, each town and street was quantitatively graded in three parts: owner evaluation, town and street evaluation and professional evaluation, focusing on property service quality, commitment fulfillment and residents' satisfaction. At the same time, according to the law enforcement inspection of the district Commission of housing and Urban-Rural development and municipal notification, comprehensive summary. The results of the "Red List" are announced as follows:

Hongkun Property to "let people live happy" as the mission, to "create the best user experience, committed to become a better life service provider" as the vision, continue to build industry quality property service brand.

Time is a magician, let us from each other, become familiar with each other. But time is also a naughty child, inadvertently, for our living environment, brought a variety of changes, the park with the passage of time, gradually faded the first sight of the beautiful, more years of "traces".

 Build home with ingenuity and quality, step by step, continue to improve the quality of service, help deliver Hongkun Property ideal life. For the majority of owners of friends, to create a better life home.

In the eyes of many people, they think that the customer service housekeeper will only ask for money and there is nothing to do. Little did they know that they have to bear much more than this.....

They know which building has a new owner
They know that the wedding room in the number one building is being renovated
They know which houses have been replaced by new occupants
They know the families whose children are not often at home
They know which houses the old and lonely all year round
They know a lot more than that
· · · · · ·
We have such a group of people around us, who put quality service first, always hold themselves to high standards, and they are conscientious and dedicated to the satisfaction of the residents. Even though it is not easy, they never give up, just to make you a stable and beautiful home.

Inject temperature into the life of owners and customers through intimate service. See good with details, and send warmth with action. Sincerely care for every person, every owner. No matter how the four seasons change, happiness and warmth will fall in every detail of their service, with a warm heart, with practical action directly to the heart.

At a time when the epidemic situation is severe, quality property service is an important safeguard force. In the face of repeated outbreaks, all staff of Beijing Xiwangshan Property Service Center actively participate in epidemic prevention and control work, assume responsibilities and fulfill their mission. From fighting with the community streets and volunteers to facing the needs and help of the owners, we will do our best to ensure the normal operation of the community and protect the safety of the owners!

In the face of owners and families, Hongkun property management staff chose the former, even in the face of danger also head on. As the most recent guardian in the owner's life, serving the owner is the first duty! All the property management staff in the front line firmly guard the first line of defense of epidemic prevention and control. When tired and sleepy, they will build the floor and be on standby 24 hours a day to escort the home safety of the owners. As a property owner never complain, to owners with a sense of security, always believe that fearless forward!

Every pennant and every letter of thanks is a kind of affirmation, a kind of encouragement, but also a kind of spur.

Every pennant and every letter of thanks has a special story. We serve the owners to protect thousands of families. Every sincere thanks gives us endless power.

Xiwangshan Property service Center harvest every pennant is a close link between the owners and the property staff, thousands of trust, transfer is the owners of Xiwangshan property service center quality service recognition. Every recognition comes from responsibility, from responsibility, from paying.

The year 2022 will soon pass, every bright banner is our honor, we will live up to the trust of the owners, continue to maintain a full working attitude in 2023 New Year, with satisfactory service, the quality of details to impress the owners, let the owners truly feel the warmth and care of Hongkun Property!

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