To move forward with a focus on service | hongkun property RongLie plunged 2021 Chinese companies things super service force

On December 16, 2021, the 2021 China Real Estate Super Product Power Innovation Conference hosted by Ehan Think Tank was grandly held in Guangzhou. On the scene of the event, Ehan Think Tank released the "2021 Chinese Enterprises Super Service TOP50", focusing on the service results of 2021 enterprises, showing the strength and responsibility of enterprises, and jointly discussing feasible ways to enhance service value. At the summit, Hongkun Property is listed in the "2021 China Property Enterprise Super Service TOP50" for its excellent service.

The 2021 Chinese companies things super service force plunged from the enterprise service capacity, viscosity system and service standardization system of three direction, contains business resources, service quality control, brand construction, service, innovation, customer operating viscosity, viscosity, community, community service, talent construction and customers to maintain the ten dimensions, More than 30 indicators for systematic service force research, 2021 property enterprise service force final research results, in order to promote the healthy development of the property industry, common service people's better life needs.

 Hongkun Property Was awarded the "2021 China Property Enterprise Super Service TOP50"

Hongkun Property (01941.HK), founded in 2003 and headquartered in Beijing, is a platform of Hongkun Group focusing on property management. Since it was founded in 2003, hongkun property always uphold the "let people live happy" service concept, in the traditional property "cleaning, security, maintenance service, based on the hongkun property emphasized from the" house "to" people "to" life "one body of the whole service mode, relying on powerful offline service system, integrate community ecological resources, Committed to let owners experience the beauty of property services, to provide full life cycle services. After 18 years of steady development, our business covers residential, commercial, office building, industrial park, multi-functional complex building, government and other public facilities and other property forms.

Service needs to be delivered, and the service level of the service provider is directly related to the quality of service. With superb professional skills and professional quality, we will create high-quality services for exclusive communities, so as to temper the cognition of service providers and improve the service experience of owners.

Service is a conversation about life between people. Every service is an in-depth discussion about the essence of life between the service provider and the owner. For Hongkun Property, the guarantee of orderly internal management is the commitment to the service quality of the owners, and the responsibility for the output of the whole life cycle service quality. Therefore, by analyzing internal status quo and future development of hongkun property targeted to strengthen internal management, scientific management policy, in order to impel the streamline, standardization and normalization of specific business, with excellent internal management outward radiation, finally provides the high quality service for the owners, help the owner the realization of a better life.

Service is to make life more exciting. Hongkun property clearly recognizes that service is the main content to bring owners a better life. To make the experience more the warmth of home owner, hongkun property depth analysis owner of every calendar one contact when living, improve customer satisfaction, from the project planning stage is involved, optimize product quality, continuous throughout the design, marketing, acceptance, delivery, and the owner in the service stage, with quality services to the extreme, realty service form the whole life cycle.

In 2021, Hongkun Property launched and implemented the "Better Life Plan" to improve service quality, with "2021 Hongkun is more wonderful" as the annual service theme, to achieve the "beautiful in" and "beautiful face" two projects, on the basis of optimizing the team, to bring more colorful community life for the owners. Hongkun property in compliance with the principles of month have activities, quarterly big activities, organize regular community cultural activities, to "spring bud action", "summer flowers action", "autumn", "warm winter" action plan for specific services, will bring happiness for owner, the sweet feeling of home and neighborhood harmony are one of the important part is converted to a better life.

Hongkun Property focuses on the owners' living needs for butler service, and enforces the details of community life service, transforming from the traditional customer service model to a more multidimensional butler service model to achieve the optimization of owners' experience.

Hongkun property around worth as a housekeeper, build hongkun property "five-star housekeeping services integrated system, guided by the owner life needs and interests, to the quality life consultant for positioning, understanding the needs of the owner to the life, rely on the intelligence service platform" hongkun hui, hong housekeeper "will be the owner side and housekeepers and closely connected; In September 2021, Hongkun Property fully upgraded the use of wechat butler, realizing that the butler wechat has unified identity identification and company authentication information. At the same time, through backstage session monitoring and sensitive word warning, the butler's words and deeds (in the process of interaction with the owner) are effectively supervised, and potential conflicts are warned and timely involved.

At the level of basic services, the butler acts as a quality inspector, integrating resources such as environmental maintenance, equipment maintenance, engineering maintenance and professional resource supply. At the value-added service end, the butler represents the advocate and maintainer of the owner's life needs, and gets through business needs, asset management, home beautification and other aspects to become the owner's assured life care provider. At the same time, in order to provide the owners with the best life enjoyment, Hongkun Property introduced the international modern service system, so that the owners' life is full of satisfaction, touching and surprise.

Full of glory, walking, the future Of Hong Kun property will be down to earth to do a good job of service, do the owner's guardian, let people live happy, this is the original intention of Hong Kun property to do community service, is also a straight goal of the future.

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