Wu Guoqing, General Manager of Hongkun Property Co., LTD., won "2021 China Property CEO30"

On December 12, 2021 (the fifth) China real estate new era gala held in Beijing, "2021 China property annual CEO30" list announced. Wu Guoqing of Hongkun Property was awarded the "2021 China Property CEO30".


She, from the heart to adhere to the mission, from basic services to quality services constantly upgrade; She, value oriented to create value, is committed to helping customers achieve the value preservation and appreciation of assets; She, the pursuit of excellence, led Hongkun Property from small and medium enterprises to property 100, listed on the Main board of Hong Kong, with their own women's power to write the beauty of Chinese property.




Wu Guoqing, general manager of Hongkun Property, accepts media interview


In 2021 (the fifth) China real estate New Era ceremony site, "2021 China Property Annual CEO30" winner - Hongkun Property Wu Guoqing said in an interview at the scene, find their own advantages, deep segmentation is the key to small and medium-sized enterprises to break the bureau.


Wu Guoqing (first from left), general manager of Hongkun Property, received the award



Wu Guoqing, general manager of the new Era ceremony to provide an industry learning, exchange opportunities. Through this exchange, I learned the actions of the whole industry and some benchmark enterprises.


When talking about the tuyere of property enterprise listing, Wu Guoqing, general manager, said that listing is a capital market behavior, has existed for many years. She does not think that these two years is a tuyere, focusing on what kind of development enterprises seek.


She explained that it was only after 2014 that listed companies began to appear in the property industry, which could see the property industry also promote its own development through the capital market. The listing of color life is to make an example to the industry. Other enterprises may also find themselves good, resulting in these two years of property companies listed, there is the feeling of "tuyere".


"Nowadays, there are not many listed companies in the service industry. It can not be called Tuyere. It is an opportunity that has always existed." "Wu Guoqing said.


 Ng Kwok-hing, General Manager of Hong Kun Property (fourth from right)


For small and medium-sized enterprises to break out, Wu Guoqing believes that small and medium-sized enterprises should have their own "diamond diamond", in a particular specialty, find their own advantages, deep segmentation is the key to small and medium-sized enterprises to break the situation. The essence of property is service, and the current iterative function is the icing on the cake, but can not be divorced from the essence. In my philosophy, quality is more important than size. If we need to sacrifice quality for scale, we will sacrifice scale.


For the property development trend next year, she said, next year is still the upward trend of development. National policies on property and the causes of the epidemic, the society is paying more and more attention to property. Especially in the epidemic, property values are highlighted.


She said, for example, before people will rarely care about property, now buy a house will basically ask which property. People believe that if the property is done well, the 10 years of the community may be the same as the new community, the house also value; If the property is poor, then just three or five years of the community, into the old community. Therefore, it shows that the value of property is increasingly recognized by the society.


In terms of the future of Hongkun property, Wu Guoqing revealed that in the past, Hongkun property relying on Hongkun Group to develop, with the group conquest and land and business scale expansion. However, she believes that relying only on its own strength is too weak. In the future, the company may seek cooperation from some resource parties to promote the development of the company.


2021 China Top 100 Property Managers Selection Activity


The selection, sponsored by LeJu Finance and co-sponsored by Sina Finance, Chinese Entrepreneurs, China House, and China Research Association for Materials and Materials, has covered about 60 major cities in China since Its launch on October 11, 2021, with nearly 2,000 real estate, home and property managers participating in the selection. The number of valid votes in the online poll has reached 42.38 million. The selection is divided into three stages: regional/segmented industry audition, regional/segmented industry qualification and national evaluation. The expert evaluation committee composed of mainstream media and organizations will give comprehensive evaluation and score to the candidates based on professional data from brand reputation, market value management, business ability, financial health, social responsibility and other multidimensional aspects.

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