Responsible service, considerate property butler

Responsible service, considerate property butler

On January 8, 2019, The reception desk of Ideal Jiaye Property received a banner with the words "Attentive and Responsible Service and considerate property butler".

The owner of 4-4-102 said that hu Guanghui, the project manager, often took the initiative to contact the owner since he began to contact Ideal Jiaye Property.

At work, when the owner has questions or puzzles for help, he can patiently and carefully answer the questions and provide help.

What is worth thanking is that when the owner encounters problems late at night, Mr. Hu, the telephone consultant, can always take the trouble to solve the problems for him.

The owner also said the property staff offered value-added services under the tie of the project manager.

For example, winter delivery, water and gas purchasing services.

Provide convenience for owners to go out during the cold winter months.

Manager Hu said that receiving the pennant is a great recognition of the property service work by the owners, which also means that the property service center's initiative has achieved the desired effect.

In the future work, will continue to uphold the "let people live happy" service concept, wholeheartedly for the owner service, start from the small, start from the drip, so that every business can feel the warmth of the community and quality service.

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